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Colorants For Polyurethane

Category: Polyurethane

Colortek offers premium Colorants meticulously crafted for an expansive range of Polyurethane products, including but not limited to slab-stock foam, automotive parts, footwear, toys, and insulation foam. Stemming from intensive in-house research and development, these Colorants boast superior chroma strength and optimal opacity tailored specifically for Polyurethane applications. Prioritizing quality above all, Colortek employs only top-tier pigments and polymeric raw materials from reputable manufacturers, ensuring each Polyurethane Colorant meets the exacting demands of specialized applications. Experience the Colortek difference in coloring your PU products.



A low-viscosity paste tailored for dosing machines, ensuring minimal consumption and optimized for economic grade, high-strength coloration, particularly in footwear applications for both polyol mixing and dosing machines.


Phthalate-free colorants suitable for diverse polyurethane (PU) applications, ranging from footwear to other specialized applications, emphasizing safety and versatility.


A specialty non-yellowing white color paste equipped with UV resistance properties, designed for various PU applications to offer longevity and aesthetic consistency under sunlight.


Melamine-based pastes, ideal for enhancing fire-retardant and acoustic properties, ensuring both safety and sound management in applicable contexts.

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