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Who We Are

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Our Mission

Empowering Industries with Vibrant Solutions

Colortek has a rich history of innovation in the field of coloring and additives. In 1994, we introduced Liquid Colours to meet customer demands for vibrant hues. Two years later, in 1996, we unveiled performance additives to enhance product properties. In 2000, a range of free-flowing dry powders addressed critical customer needs. In 2015, Colortek developed in-house paste formulations for coloring PU foam. Finally, in 2019, they ventured into solid masterbatch manufacturing, further solidifying our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for various industries. This timeline reflects our dedication to satisfying customer requirements through continuous product development and diversification.

Core Values


Reducing the carbon footprint is foremost in our minds. Concerted efforts towards the optimum usage of natural resources and waste reduction is mandatory; periodic training of the workforce helps in this endeavour.    


Deeply ingrained in our minds is the need to give back to the society. We are a regular contributor to health & hygiene as well as educational activities in and around the factory premises.


Colortek prioritizes a culture of safe working, emphasizing continuous training to instill this mindset in its workforce. The company strongly promotes strict adherence to Kaizen and 5S principles, operating in a 'Zero Accidents' environment through collective efforts.

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