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Lacquer And IMC

Category: Polyurethane

Colortek is at the forefront of innovative coating solutions, presenting an impressive range of Thermoplastic polyurethane-based lacquers. Whether you're in search of a clear finish or a tinted hue, our lacquers come in both brilliant shiny and understated matt variants to suit your specific requirements. But our offerings don't stop at lacquers. We also pride ourselves on supplying premium PU and Vinyl resins. Whether you desire a clear or pigmented finish, we have you covered. What sets our lacquers apart is their remarkable abrasion resistance, perfectly paired with unparalleled elasticity and hardness. With Colortek, you're not just choosing a product; you're investing in quality.



Offering a broad range of Thermoplastic polyurethane-based lacquers tailored to individual needs, from clear finishes to tinted hues, and available in both brilliant shiny and understated matt variants.

Comprehensive Range

Beyond lacquers, Colortek provides premium PU and Vinyl resins to cater to diverse project requirements, ensuring that whether you seek a clear or pigmented finish, there's a product for you.

Durability & Flexibility

Colortek lacquers are renowned for their outstanding abrasion resistance. This strength is seamlessly combined with unmatched elasticity and hardness, making for a product that not only looks good but also stands the test of time.

Commitment to Quality

When you choose Colortek, you're not merely opting for a product. You are making an investment in top-tier quality, ensuring the best value for your money and a superior finish for your projects.

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