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The Science Behind Superior Colorants for Plastics and PU Applications

In the world of plastics and polyurethane (PU) applications, achieving the right color with maximum durability and fade resistance is crucial. Our cutting-edge colorants stand out in delivering consistent and vibrant colors that stand the test of time. Here's a deep dive into the science behind our superior colorants.

The Essence of Color in Plastics

  1. Molecular Bonding: For a colorant to remain vibrant and non-fading, it needs to bond seamlessly with the plastic or PU molecule. Our colorants are designed to form strong molecular bonds, ensuring color longevity.

  2. Heat Stability: During the molding and production processes, plastics are often exposed to high temperatures. Our colorants are thermally stable, ensuring they don’t degrade or change in the presence of heat.

  3. Resistance to UV: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colors. We've ensured that our colorants have excellent UV resistance, reducing the chances of fading and maintaining the brilliance of the original color.

By focusing on molecular science and understanding the intrinsic properties of plastics and PUs, we've crafted colorants that promise consistency, longevity, and brilliance. Trust in the science and let your products shine!

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